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Crossfit Gym Equipment Storage

“…the foundation of the gym has to be open, because of the different equipment that we utilize. So storage has always been an issue…”


When Masters CrossFit® Athlete Jeb Simmons and his wife, Meg Zechel, moved their gym into a historic dairy processing facility in the heart of downtown Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin, they wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity to re-brand and build a showplace facility.

The new space was impressive, but fitness equipment storage was a constant thorn in their side. “The biggest challenge with CrossFit gyms is that you only have the perimeter for storage,” Meg said. “That’s always been the hardest part: the foundation of the gym has to be open, because of the different equipment that we utilize. So storage has always been an issue as far as what will be the easiest solution, what’s the most aesthetically pleasing, and what makes the most sense.”

Wanting to free up more space for workouts while still preserving the open feel and function of their gym, Jeb and Meg acquired a complete LIFT solution that’s specifically designed for the unique sizes and shapes of fitness gear.

Their fitness equipment storage system has three components, each designed to do a specific job.

Compact Shelving

The patented LIFT Compact Shelving system efficiently holds a variety of fitness items, from weighted vests to mats and jump ropes. In addition to customizable storage features, this system is available in a range of colors and custom graphic options.

Weighted balls on tilted shelves fitted with bars in the back.

crossfit weighted balls storage

Steel pegboard and sturdy pegs hang straps and jump ropes.

Pads and other gear fit vertically on adjustable shelving.

crossfit pad storage

Custom configurations store mats, wall balls, and other lighter-weight items.

weighted vest storage

Accessories, such as sturdy heavy-duty pegs organize bands, jump ropes, weight belts, and vests.

Crossfit Storage with space to grow

There’s room to grow as the gym’s membership expands.

crossfit rolled mat storage

Bins hold rolled mats and foam rollers.

Kettle Bell Heavy-duty Shelving

HD Shelving

Heavier items like kettlebells, sandbags, and dumbbells need shelving that can stand up to their weight. LIFT HD Shelving is designed to meet the challenge, and its textured powder-coat paint resists wear and tear.

Jeb and Meg positioned several units close together, right on the perimeter of the workout area for convenient access.

Heavy-duty Shelves for Kettle bells and sandbags

Heavy-duty shelves can hold up to 150lbs.

Adjustable Heavy-duty Shelves for Gym Storage

Adjustable shelves can change with equipment inventory.

Kettlebell storage for crossfit gyms

Textured powder-coat paint resists wear and tear.

HD Wall Rack

LIFT HD Wall Racks put the walls to work, getting sleds and weight benches out of the way and turning previously unused space into efficient storage. Modular units fit any space.

Northfit Crossfit Dump Bell Bench Storage

Weight Bench Storage for More Floor Space

Store weight benches and sleds off the floor and out of the way.

Crossfit Wall Rack Storage

Available in various widths and heights, wall-mounted racks can fit in any space.

Wall Rack - Gym Storage

Put unused wall space to work and get gear off the floor.

Northfit Crossfit Plate Rack Storage

Plate Storage

LIFT Plate Storage keeps plates organized. Located on the perimeter of the weightlifting area, the plate storage rack is conveniently positioned and easy to use.

Crossfit Gym Plate Racking

Plate storage racks have pegs for smaller weights.

Crossfit Gym Plate Racking

Easily adjust racking shelf heights.

Crossfit Gym Plate Racking

Optional top shelf for storing lighter-weight items.

Pulling it all together

Jeb and Meg chose coordinated paint colors and graphics that perfectly fit the gym’s look and feel. The end result is an integrated solution that protects gear, keeps it organized, and is easy for everyone to use during workouts.

“It really encompasses the overall brand,” Meg said of the LIFT solution. “It takes it from just a regular gym to the business and brand that we’ve grown into.”

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