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More space. More Reps. More Results.

More Space for your WODs.

You’ve invested in the right equipment for your box because you know that weights and slam balls are more than just gear. How you store and protect your gear also has a big impact on your members. It affects your floorplan, the flow of members’ workouts, how members use and care for your equipment, and even the feeling they get when they walk in the door.

That’s why we developed LIFT, a complete storage system giving your members access to what they need, exactly when and where they need it.

Gear on a Whole New Level

We developed the LIFT suspended mobile system for all gyms that typically have class sizes of 20-25 students. The system consists of a 12x8x4 suspended shelving system and accessories to consolidate gear and free up space.

LIFT Storage wall balls and medicine ball

Medicine Balls

30 Medicine Balls
2 Shelving Sections
5 Adjustable Shelves Each

LIFT Storage Slam Balls

Slam Balls +

20 Slam Ball
+ 9 Medicine Balls
5 Adjustable Shelves

LIFT Storage Ab mats and mats

Mat Storage

55 Ab Mats
+ Foam Rollers & Mats
6 Adjustable Shelves + Dividers

LIFT Storage foam roller ropes and mats

Stretch Equipment

12 Foam rollers
+ Stretch Bans & Jump Ropes
Hanging Bars + Dividers

LIFT Storage Weighted Vest

Hanging Storage

18 Weight Vest Hanging Areas
+ 6 Lift Belt Hanging Areas
2 End Panels + Pegs

LIFT Storage pushup bars

Misc. Equipment

Pushup Bars
+ Extra Space
5 Adjustable Shelves

Built Tough.
Bold Looks.

LIFT is completely customizable, with a variety of colors/graphics and accessories. That means you can add your brand’s graphics, use it to display the WODs, and add to the system as your equipment needs grow and change.

And LIFT can be moved around easily, which is a huge bonus for box owners who are renting their space.

Want even more workout area?

These systems work together to transform any box or gym from messy and crowded to sleek and in control.

Crossfit heavy duty weight shelving

Shelve It.

Shelve It.

Our heavy-duty shelving units for kettlebells and sandbags can be adjusted to suit your needs and placed along walls in the workout space where they’re used.

Crossfit wall storage

Hang it.

Hang it.

We offer wall-mounted racks that are easily adjustable to store sleds and/or weight benches, getting them up off the floor and clearing the way for more room to work out.

Lift - Spacesaver Weight Racking System

Stack it.

Stack it.

Our heavy-duty shelving units for plates and bumpers can be adjusted to suit your needs with popular sets at your members figure tips.

Let’s optimize your space to make room for efficient WODs. Contact us for a free consultation.