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You Thought Your WODs were Tough

LIFT Plate Storage helps keep your plates organized and in one location. Organize by plate weight with three shelves provided per unit along with pegs for those small 2.5 and 5 lbs that never quite seem to have a permanent home.

  • Configure to your Plate Inventory
  • Add Units as Needed
  • System Shown: 72” H x 72” W x 17” D

LIFT Plate Storage System

Download LIFT System Brochure

Brochure + Worksheet

Download a free copy of our LIFT brochure for a complete look at our athletic storage systems and a free worksheet to get you started with getting the best gym storage for fitness gear.

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Deck Out Your Gym

Sandbags, sleds, and other large or heavy gear need their own storage solutions.

LIFT - HD Shelving

LIFT HD Shelving

LIFT - HD Wall Rack

LIFT Wall Rack

LIFT - Member Lockers

LIFT Lockers

LIFT - Compact Storage

LIFT Compact Shelving

Ready to make the most of your space? Let’s get started. Contact us for a free consultation.

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