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LIFT - Heavy Duty Shelve System

Get What You Need, Right Where You Need It

Designed for kettlebell storage, dumbbell storage and even sandbag storage. Store heavy loads along your gym’s perimeter, LIFT Heavy-Duty (HD) Shelving clears out clutter by packing a lot of storage space into a small area. Heavy-duty fitness equipment storage keeps your gear convenient, while also freeing up more floorspace for workouts.

  • Heavy-Duty Shelving Gets Gear Off the Floor
  • Consolidates Equipment to Gain Workout Space
  • Adjustable Shelf Heights
  • Multiple Units Shown, each is 54” H x 33” W x 30” D

Download Heavy-Duty Shelving Info Sheet

More Info

Download a free copy of our LIFT HD Shelving info sheet for a complete list of features and sizes.

Deck Out Your Gym

High-intensity fitness equipment like sandbags, sleds, and other large or heavy items need their own storage solutions.

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