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More space. More Reps. More Results.

Compact Shelving for Equipment Storage

More Space For Your Athletes

You’ve invested in the right equipment for your box, and you know that gym equipment storage has a big impact on your members. It affects your floorplan, the flow of members’ workouts, how members use and care for your equipment, and even the feeling they get when they walk in the door.

That’s why we developed LIFT, a complete gym equipment storage system that gives your members more space to work out, faster access to gear, and the best experience possible.

The Right Gear In The Right Place

LIFT systems are designed to maximize your floorplan and optimize your members’ experience. Five modular components work together to provide right-sized storage for every piece of equipment in your gym, giving you and your members more room to work out.

  • More Floor Space
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Storage
  • Protects and Organizes Your Gear
  • Keeps Gear Where You Need it

Maximize Your Gym’s Space

Create a gym equipment storage system that consolidates and protects your equipment.

compact mobile crossfit equipment storage system

LIFT Compact Shelving

Store the most gear in the least amount of space with our LIFT high-density storage system. Shelving moves along rails installed in a modular floor to optimize your floor plan. Choose your interior configuration and customize the exterior with a variety of colors and accessories.

LIFT - Hight-Density Shelving

LIFT HD Shelving

Designed to store heavy loads along your gym’s perimeter, LIFT HD Shelving clears out clutter by packing a lot of storage space into a small area. Keep kettlebells, sandbags, dumbbells, and other gear convenient, without encroaching on workout space.

LIFT System HD Wall Rack

LIFT HD Wall Rack

Store sleds and weight benches up off the floor and out of the way. Wall-mounted racks turn empty walls into productive storage, clearing the way for more room to work out.

LIFT Plate Storage

LIFT Plate Storage

Keep plates organized and in one location. Organize by plate weight with three shelves provided per unit along with pegs for smaller weights.

LIFT - Member Lockers

LIFT Lockers

Secure, convenient storage is important for personal gear, too. Lockers provide your athletes with temporary or assigned lockers to store keys, phones, and other gear while they work out.

Built Tough.
Bold Looks.

LIFT is completely customizable, with a variety of colors/graphics and accessories. That means you can add your brand’s graphics, use it to display the WODs, and add to the system as your equipment needs grow and change.

And LIFT can be moved around easily, which is a huge bonus for box owners who are renting their space.

Let’s optimize your space to make room for efficient WODs. Contact us for a free consultation.