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LIFT Locker Systems

Security lockers

Temporary gym member lockers provide a secure, convenient personal storage for members and drop-ins. LIFT Lockers provide your athletes with temporary lockers for use during a particular day’s WOD or assigned lockers (for staff or longer-term use) to securely store their gear while they work out.

  • Durable Steel Construction
  • Custom Colors / Graphics on Doors
  • Typical Locker: 18” H x 18” D x 18” W
  • Other Sizes and a Variety of Configurations Available – Contact Spacesaver

Free Download of Locker Info Sheet

More Info

Download a free copy of our LIFT Locker info sheet for a complete list of features, custom options, and our suite of security options.

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Deck Out Your Gym

Sandbags, sleds, and other large or heavy gear need their own storage solutions.

LIFT - HD Shelving

LIFT HD Shelving

LIFT - HD Wall Rack

LIFT Wall Rack

LIFT - Plate Storage

LIFT Plate Storage

LIFT - Compact Storage

LIFT Compact Shelving

Ready to make the most of your space? Let’s get started. Contact us for a free consultation.

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